“Everything comes to he who waits” according to the well-known saying. We have only to wait until August for it all to arrive: to coincide with our 35-year company anniversary, we have completely refurbished our website.

We have given our website a complete overhaul – from logo and web design to a new user experience and fresh content.


More comprehensible and optimised for mobile devices

Our goals were clear from the beginning of the project: we wanted a new website that is comprehensible, modern and has a user-friendly appearance. It should reflect our commitment to quality and our claim to provide top-class customer service. In addition, it should communicate our joy and passion for our work and our products.

We have achieved our goals with a modern, high-quality web design optimised for mobile devices. This is combined with improved user navigation and inviting imagery. The result is a user-friendly and modern website designed to encourage visitors to pause and stay for longer.