Coincident with our 35-year company anniversary, we are launching the new Vacu-Box VX4 dual-head membrane pump. Compared to its predecessor, it is even lighter and easier to service. It goes on sale from 26 August 2021.

Although we have updated the mechanics of the Vacu-Box VX4 and freshened up the appearance, the unmistakable design characteristics of the VX-Series have been retained. Weighing only 8.8 kg and without the need to install an intensive chiller, it is even lighter and easier to use than its predecessor.


Less material, better for the environment and equally robust

The Vacu-Box VX4 is our most powerful dual-head membrane pump designed and developed in-house. It creates a strong vacuum for delivering all kinds of gases and vapours. The design also uses less material. This makes the Vacu-Box VX4 even easier to service.

Less material means we use less resources to manufacture the pump, and overall its production is kinder to the environment. Despite weighing less and having a lower material content, this VX product is extremely robust in use.


The advantages of the VX4

The new Vacu-Box VX4 dual-head membrane is powerful, lightweight and durable: It provides an ultimate vacuum of 5 mbar and a delivery rate of 5 m³/h. Thanks to the low weight and compact construction, it can be used in any situation: e.g. where space is limited and in mobile workstations.

The versatile vacuum pump is low maintenance and easy to service, which saves the customer staff costs and time, and conserves financial resources. Furthermore, the VX4 is very smooth running because it has a dynamically balanced pump. Even during continuous operation, it creates negligible heat and therefore also gives off little waste heat into the room.

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